Apochryphal Wednesdays #12


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gene hole
7th Mar 2011, 8:00 PM

This not-really-part-of-Edwin-canon comic started as a simple doodle poking fun at similarities between the ears of Mr. Hugh Hog and a certain Dark Knight, and suddenly expanded to include the Urchin and the Tramp, my own little self-aware, fourth-wall-breaking Greek Chorus characters.
Those millions of you still waiting for the Edwin Aardvark 12-part arc coming up will be heartened to know I've actually roughed out the first 4 strips, as well as a few of the other sections of a couple of the pages. I'll be letting that series of new pages out of the cages of my mind and into the wide world of the world wide web in a month-ish after I get some other projects done that have a priority on my attentions...

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